The COVEX Face Shield

An innovative face shield with integrated respirator, providing enhanced security by protecting all of the vulnerable orifices of the face.

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The clear face shield helps guards the eyes from droplets.

The respirator provides an effective seal around the nose and mouth, and the breathing zone is protected by a high-efficiency filtration fabric.

The foam mask and securement straps provide comfortable protection that can be worn during long, active days.

How Does the COVEX Face Shield Compare to the “N95” Mask?

The thin, non-conformable edge of commonly-used N95 masks can bruise—or even scar—users’ faces with extended wear when applied tightly as required. Such facial damage has been seen as an unavoidable consequence of protecting against airborne pathogens like the Covid-19 virus. An equally effective, but non-damaging, alternative is clearly required. An innovative new respirator with a soft, conformable gasket has been developed to address this need. To that end, the efficacy of the COVEX Shield and Respirator was tested against a N95 mask regarding .3μm, .5μm, and 5μm-sized particles. The COVEX Respirator performed significantly better than the N95 mask and significantly better than control (no filter). These results suggest that the COVEX Shield should be considered as a non-injuring extended-use alternative to an N95 mask.

Covex™ Face Shield: Primary Features

COVEX Face Shield Diversion Wings Closeup

Diversion Wings

Diverts exhaled air away from the face to prevent fogging of the glass and face shield while aiding in the fit of the mask and shield.

COVEX Face Shield Filter Closeup


Disposable 2-stage filter
Premier high efficiency filter media (see specs) with a Pre-filter first stage that prevents gross contamination of the high efficiency filter by droplets or dust.

COVEX Face Shield Anchor Straps Closeup

Anchor Straps

Comes with easily adjustable straps with comfortable neck cushion. Adjustable clips allow the Shield to rest against the chest while doffing without exposing the respirator to potentially contaminated air.

COVEX Face Shield Closeup

Face Shield

Lightweight, durable, non-distorting, high-clarity shield that helps protect the face AND respirator from gross contamination by airborne droplets.

COVEX Face Shield Respirator Closeup


Effective air seal is achieved with relatively little pressure against the face. Conformable foam face results in much more comfortable mask, especially for prolonged use.

COVEX Face Shield Exhalation Valve Closeup

Exhalation Valve

Minimizes humidity buildup in the mask and degradation of the filter caused by humidity.

Why is COVEX Superior?


Achieves a good seal around the nose and mouth without damaging the face. Breathe through a high-efficiency filtration media.


Conforms around the face for a more comfortable fit: designed for prolonged use.

Facial Protection

Covers all five vulnerable facial orifices from airborne particles.

Humidity Control

Exhalation valve reduces moisture to maintain filter integrity and comfort.

Personalized Protection

Personal protective shield and respirator that helps manage resources without sacrificing personal safety. Shield and mask are wipeable; filter media is easily replaced.

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Covex Face Shield on Man

Thank You

Augustine Surgical Inc. is a medical device manufacturer in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with a Mission to Make Surgery Safer. The call for more personal protective equipment for healthcare providers during the war on COVID-19, however, made us focus our energy and resources to developing an innovative solution to help protect you.

You are a front-line warrior in the battle against Covid-19, and we, and every American, cannot thank you enough…but you deserve more than thanks. You deserve the very best protection. We believe that the COVEX® Face Shield is that protection. We at Augustine Surgical are proud to help keep you safe…while you work to keep the rest of us safe.