Introducing the COVEX™ Face Shield

Eden Prairie, MN, April 16, 2020

Front-line healthcare workers facing the Covid-19 pandemic now have new protection. Augustine Surgical Inc has introduced the COVEX™ Face Shield and Respirator—a single, integrated device that comfortably protects facial orifices and respiration.

“Reports of severe shortages of PPE along with photos of the bruised faces of doctors and nurses who have worn an N95 mask all day are widespread, and they were very concerning to us,” said Brent Augustine, President of Augustine Surgical. “The respirator on the Covex Shield is so soft and conformable that it can be safely worn for longer periods of time while providing more complete protection.”

The COVEX Shield provides enhanced security by protecting all of the vulnerable orifices of the face.

  • The clear shield helps guards the eyes from droplets.
  • The respirator provides an effective seal around the nose and mouth, and the breathing zone is protected by a high-efficiency filtration fabric
  • The foam mask and securement straps provide comfortable protection that can be worn during long, active days.
  • The mask seals easily around the nose and mouth without damaging the face.

The Shield and mask are reusable and easily cleaned. The disposable filter media can be replaced inexpensively.

“Face masks have barely changed since the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918,” said Dr. Scott Augustine, anesthesiologist and inventor of the COVEX Shield—and holder of more than 200 patents in the medical device field. “I modeled the COVEX respirator on anesthesia masks: they’re comfortable, fit well, and create a great seal.”

Augustine Surgical has begun to ramp up production in its Eden Prairie, MN manufacturing facility. “Our near term goal,” said Mr. Augustine, “is to produce millions of filters a month.”

“I’m incredibly proud of our team for decisively reacting to the emergency call for more PPE supplies for our heroes on the front line of the COVID-19 war,” said Dr. Augustine. “We all must do our part to help during this crisis.

“To those healthcare workers: we, and every American, cannot thank you enough…but you deserve more than thanks. You deserve the very best protection from the virus. We believe that the COVEX face shield is that protection.

“We at Augustine Surgical are proud to help keep you safe…while you work to keep the rest of us safe.”

The COVEX Face Shield and Resipirator

About COVEX Face Shield

The COVEX Face Shield is now available for purchase. The COVEX Shield is designed to meet all FDA standards, not merely the Enforcement Policy for Face Mask and Respirators During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency. The Company is in the process of doing NIOSH testing, but it has not been completed yet. See the website for product specifications. The COVEX Shield is 100% made in America. Patents Pending.

About Augustine Surgical Inc.

Augustine Surgical Inc. is a medical device manufacturer in Eden Prairie, Minnesota with a Mission to Make Surgery Safer. The call for more personal protective equipment for healthcare providers during the war on COVID-19, however, made us focus our energy and resources to developing an innovative solution to help protect you. Augustine Surgical’s family of products include the HotDog® Patient Warming System and WaffleGrip® Warm and Secure™ Trendelenburg Securement. All products are manufactured in the Company’s FDA-registered, ISO 13485 facility in Minnesota. Company Website: